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Go hands free and run with ease with The FlipBelt due to its really simple but revolutionary design.

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4 Mil Reclosable Bag 4 Mil Reclosable Bag with Phone

FlibBelt - Neon Green

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The FlipBelt is the smartest choice for a no hassle, hands free running or workout experience. You can leave the fanny pack or armbands behind. Just slide your phone and small items like your keys, gel packs, photo id and credit cards in one of the four easily accessible pocket openings. Flip the belt inside / out and they will stay in place during you run or workout. It is so easy, sleek and fashionable you’ll love it! The Flipbelt material is made with a high tech Spandex- Lycra blend.


  • Four easily accessible pocket openings throughout the exterior of the belt
  • Made with Spandex- Lycra makes it easy to flip to lock in items
  • 3M Quality Reflective Logo
  • Non-Bounce, sleek comfortable design prevents uncomfortable chafing
  • Machine washable & machine dryable
  • Easily holds medication such as inhalers, insulin pumps, epipens, etc...
  • EPA Certified, Odor Resistant, Pilling Resistant, Anti-Bacterial High Tech Poly Spandex Fabric
  • Various colors available to accent your workout wardrobe

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Flipbelt Sizing Chart!

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Customer Comments:

Amy - I received the package today, and I love it! The flipbelt fits perfectly, and I am able to stuff 5 GUs, 1 package of energy chews, and my huge android phone throughout the entire belt. It is perfect for my needs and, on top of that, it is extremely comfortable! Thank you so much for helping me out like you did. I am extremely impressed with the service you gave (I work in customer service at a JCP, so I know amazing service when I see it!), and I will definitely let you know how the marathon goes. I have been training with a great group of people over the past few months, so I know I will at least cross the finish line! And I have been forewarned about there being a decent amount of hills in the beginning miles, so I will be taking my sweet time with those for sure!

Patrick - Thank you again, that was the fastest FREE service EVER! I’ve ran twice now with my flipbelt and am loving it! Very comfortable and 0 bounce, as advertised. Items become one with my body when storing in the flipbelt. I will be taking it to disneyland next month to help keep everything safe on the rides! A few suggestions for the manufacturer - The material bunches easily. I would like to see them explore other material to give the flipbelt a bit of structure, just so you can flip it, rather then roll it. Careful though, can’t compromise the thinness of the product. Also, the pockets seem to disappear on me, its difficult to get a items out fast due to a feel-search for the pocket opening, tabs or a lay over would help my fingers in the blind search.

Karla - I love my flip belt. My daughter who lives in Erie loves your store and had purchased one of these belts for herself so I ordered myself one online too. I wear it all the time.....its very comfortable to wear and works great! No more having my phone is a pocket weighing down the pockets of my shorts. Would recommend one to anyone!

Renee - I really enjoy my flip belt. To be honest, in the winter I am always wearing a jacket with pockets, but as soon as warm weather hits, this belt is invaluable for holding everything close without creating a dreaded "thwack-pack"! Securely holding important things in place has long been an issue (especially as a female runner with less pocket options!); thanks for a great tool.

Valerie - A little disappointing. Flipbelt turns and gets twisted easily making it hard to find where to insert your ipad or phone. Sizes run small.

Kayli - I love the flipbelt! Best running purchase I've ever made.

Danielle - I bought the FlipBelt last summer. I was training for the ToughMudder and wanted something that would hold my phone and wouldn’t bounce around. The FlipBelt worked perfectly. When it’s on I forget it’s there and I never have to worry about anything falling out of it. I have recommended to all my runner friends who also love it.

Jasmine - I have one and I love it! I like that they come in different sizes so they fit comfortably. I like that they have pockets on all sides, which allows for a lot of storage! And different colors. I love mine.

Erin - I love my Flipbelt. I use mine often and have given 3 others as gifts. It is nice to have a handy catch all that doesn't ride up or move around.

John - The flip belt is the must-have item for a serious runner.

Mary - FlipBelt: Highly recommend it. I loaned it out to a co-worker for a 5k and she ordered one for herself and her daughter. Extremely Comfortable, Doesn't cut in, Doesn't spin around, No Bulk. ps, RunnersRoost contacted me when the color i ordered was going to take awhile to get. The service was very personal.

Lynn - Love the FlipBelt. Use it always and giving one as a gift to a family runner.

Lauren - Great idea to get some product reviews! I bought my FlipBelt with the hopes of using it for the Colorado Marathon. It's great for shorter runs to carry all your stuff (keys, phone, etc). Unfortunately, I don't think I will be using it for any races. I tried it out on a 20 mile training run, I hard a hard time finding the holes to grab my gels and my iPod even fell out once! Perhaps if I practiced more with it, I might find it useful for longer races (I know lots of folks who love to race with them). Overall, it's very comfortable and a great concept, and I will continue to use it for short runs but not racing, like I had hoped. Hope this is helpful! Thanks as always for carrying great products!

Jennifer - I love my flip belt.

Jen - I love the belt! It keeps everything I have had safe without any worries about anything falling out. It doesn't shrink in the wash either. I love my flipbelt and would definitely order another in a different color!

Dianne - Hi! I used my new flipbelt for the first time this morning and it was ABSOLUTELY what I was looking for! It held my iPhone, car keys, driver's license and my insulin pump. I came so close to stopping everybody that I passed while I was walking to show it to them, when I saw them struggling with their iPad and car keys. I didn't want to interrupt their run/walk though. Maybe next time! Thank you so much for offering this product at such a great price AND free shipping! I think I'll buy another one in the same color as my shoes (Aqua). :)

Amy - I absolutely LOVE my FlipBelt! I purchased it a few months ago when I ran the LA Marathon and it held everything I needed it to. It stays put, doesn't bounce, and even looks stylish. I've recommended it to pretty much everyone-- Even my dad ended up getting one! What a great product.

Danielle - I LOVE my Flip Belt. I don't leave for a run without it. I love having the perfect way to hold my phone, my sports beans and a car or house key. My Flip Belt stays close to my body, so I don't feel a large pouch slapping against me with every stride. I am actually planning to use my flip belt for trips to the amusement park this summer too, so that I don't have to worry about where my ID and cash are while I go on rides!

Tiffany - I have not purchased a flip belt as of yet but after looking at it, I just may! It looks pretty fantastic.

Eric - Really cool idea, flip belt has made my workouts more enjoyable because I can listen to music comfortably finally! It really secures my phone in the perfect spot for when jump roping and running, which was my problem before. Love it!

Janice - I wanted to love my FlipBelt, but it I had to buy something else. Why? On more than one occasion, when I took my phone out of the belt, something else in it (once, it was my driver's license, and once it was my key fob!), flew out of it WITHOUT MY KNOWING. Yes, you can flip the belt, but I never did because I needed to access phone a lot. (And, one of those times, I had to retrace my run two times to find what fell out, and I almost gave up on finding it. The other time? Well, I never found my license and had to go to the DMV to get a replacement one.)

Janet - I love this. I use it for walking and running. I can listen to music without having my iPhone moving up and down when I run. I've given them as presents to friends who have seen me use it. Everyonewho sees it on me wants it!

Jenn - I absolutely love my FlipBelt. I searched long and hard for an alternative to the armband style because I didn't want that awful tan line. I tried using a fanny back but it was to bulky. Then I found the FlipBelt! It holds my keys, phone, and cash when I go walking. Everything is snug and I've never had anything fall out. It's also comfortable (I don't even know it's there) and easy to wash. Thank you RunnersRoost!

Anna - The flipbelt is great. It is a fantastic way to carry everything you might need while running. I love that it can hold my house key and coffee money making my runs to meet friends at the coffee shop very convenient!

Sophia - I absolutely love my flip belt. Comfy and practical.....sooooo much better than the iPhone arm band or any other iPhone waist band. Love love love

Rebecca - The flip belt is awesome. Especially if you're wearing something without pockets you can carry keys, gels, a phone... With room to spare. Small and inconspicuous. Love it!

Stacy - Love love love my flip belt. Not only do I use it on runs but any walks, hikes or outings where a typical bag just doesn't work. Almost a daily used product by me.

Cindy - I LOVE my Flipbelt! Can't run half marathons without them! Secure place to put my phone, room card, everything! Every runner needs one!

Lindsey - Love the flip belt! Haven't lost my key or cards since owning it! Love using it for trips as well. No worries when it comes to pickpockets!

Theresa - There are things that I like about the flip belt, and things I don't like. First of all, it does exactly what its supposed to do. I love using it when I don't have pockets to carry my things. There are a few things I don't like though. Number one, I don't like that I have to step into it. I have wide hips and it can be hard to get past them. Secondly, items can get jumbled up in the back of the belt and therefore are hard to retrieve easily.

Germaine - I like the lightweight of the runners belt. I can put valuables in a safe spot while still enjoying the outdoors.

Christy - I wore the FlipBelt during my first half marathon. I love it! It fits perfectly and it didn't bounce or jiggle. I plan on wearing this for my first full marathon this fall. Thank you for such a great product!

Andree - I love my FlipBelt! It's awesome to have extra pockets. I wear it for running, but I also wear it whenever I need pockets. For my work, I am expected to carry a phone, and I need to have both hands free. I used to have to plan my clothes around pockets. No more! With my FlipBelt I always have pockets. I can carry my phone, keys, and whatever else I need. It's so comfortable, I forget I have it on, and often go looking for my phone later. A woman at work ordered one the same day I first came in with mine, and two other people were planning to order them as gifts. Great product!

David - Dear Runner's Roost, The Flipbelt is a wonderful way to run withou worrying about things slinging around in my pockets. Phone, energy gel, keys, it all fits and stays nice and snug against my body! Great product!

Annie - Flipbelt is awesome! It never bounces and I prefer it over my SPIbelt. My friend recommended it and I have also recommended to my other runner friends!

Kisha - The FlipBelt is easily the best running belt on the market. It is exceptionally comfortable to wear, stays in place and doesn't chafe. Unlike arm bands with velcro (that have ruined many a hard earned race shirt) this product has not caused any damage and looks good under most clothes. I recommend them to everyone I know that runs.

Mary - My cell phone does NOT fit in it so I had to by something else for the phone and thread the belt thru the cell phone holder. It works ok. I've never used the 4 loops.An ID tag on it would be helpful.

Annette - I have a FlipBelt and think I would live it if it were a size bigger. It stays above my waist line.

Marianna - I've never used the device but it seems non-runners trying to lose weight really love them. At least that is what I've noticed around the water cooler at the office.

Peggy - Love my flip belt. I use it for my phone and keys!!

Greg - It's exactly what I was looking for. It holds my phone securely, and yet I often forget I'm wearing it (i.e. it's not too tight). I suggested to the FlipBelt that they line the openings with an accent color, which would make them easier to find.

Gigi - I love it. Solved my problem of always pushing my phone up when it slips down my arm. The FlipBelt also helps me hold my stomach muscles in while running. Glad I purchased it.

Jeannie - I love the flipbelt. It holds everything you need while you workout or run, or even on quick errands. It's not snug nor tight. I have two sizes to use depending on the type of activity that I plan on doing.

Jamison - The flipbelt has been awesome! I use it on every run. It's much better than clipping on an MP3 player or using an armband!

Gabe - I love my Flipbelt, I have the Spibelt, armband and the Roosport pouch and this by far has the least amount of bounce. If all I carry is my cellphone and key then I get no bounce what so ever, but if I have anything more I do see a bit of a bounce. I may need to go with a smaller size since I have lost some weight but as far as ease of getting to whats in the belt and not having to worry about anything falling out, Flipelt is what works for me. Out of the 3 I would buy Flipbelt again, only problem I have run into so far is when I sweat a lot the belt soaks it up and gets heavier and I have found myself having to pull it up to reposition a few times when out on a long trail run, other than that great product.

Lisa - The Flipbelt is pretty cool. I tried one on at an expo, and it seemed like it could hold gels, IDs, and car keys. I’d be hesitant to trust my phone in it, but it might do fine. It’s also more stylish than a waist belt, which is nice.

Ann - Using my flipbelt I found it to be perfect. My runs are comfortable holding my keys and phone. I have recommend this to friends.

Avi - I like it.. There is absolutely nothing I would change about the FlipBelt. Maybe there are some additional features you can add. Like a place to clip on water bottles. Or maybe an easy way to change songs like Bluetooth connectivity with a button or two.

Tony - The flip belt is a bit awkward when putting it on since it continuous, but it's width keeps the contents from bouncing around while running. Flipping the belt over, gives me peace of mind that the contents won't fall out either. The biggest issue is accessing my phone if I need to access the screen for any reason. If you have a straight plug in your headphones, there can be some excessive pressure on the head phone jack. A 90° plug should eliminate any issues.

Brandi - I bought 2 of the flip belts for my parents to use while traveling. It was my mother's first time out of the US. She found it very convenient,easy to use, and stealthy for important items, passport, small amount of cash etc. that couldn't easily replaced if lost or stolen. My dad said it was one of the best gifts they received for their travels. They're off to Alaska next, and they already have them packed!

Brett - I love the FlipBelt.

Ryan - I thought the flip belt was ok. I wouldn't purchase another one because of the way it fits across my hips and how high it rides on my body. Plus it looks strange with a shirt off. My wife however loves it for the fit and feel and that it keeps everything tight to the body so there is no flopping around. Tight like a tiger.

Kate - On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rank the flipbelt as a 5. It gets the job done but there are a few things I don't love about it. It rides up and doesn't stay low on my hips. It's also kind of a pain to get stuff in and out of while running if you actually "flip" it like you're supposed to. Also, getting it on and off is annoying since you either have to step into it, or put it over your head. The one benefit it has is that it doesn't bounce. Overall, I do still use it, but would probably replace it if I could find a better solution.

Pamela - FlipBelt is a great product.

Brandon - I ordered the flipbelt hoping it qualified as what it was described as. It was exactly what I wanted and recommended it to all my friends, thanks.

Cindy - The FlipBelt is a great piece to add to any activity - it's holds a lot and very secure!

Susanne - I really like my flipbelt. I have used it for almost all my runs since I purchased it a few months ago. I carry my phone, headphones, ID, keys and GU. It stays put in my waist and I don't notice it at all during my runs. My one concern was once I didn't flip it over and I almost lost my key. User error but still a good reminder to always flip the belt over.

Audrey - FlipBelt is the greatest running product!!!

Michael - I have mixed feelings on the flipbelt. I like the concept, but if you don't have a straight torso, it doesn't sit very well around the hips. It would be a lot better if there were rubber grips on the inside that helped prevent the material from sliding up the body if you have it over other articles of clothing.

Margaret - I love my Flipbelt. Bought it on a whim, after seeing it at several running expos. Wish I had pulled the trigger earlier. It is amazing! Easy to use, I don't have to worry about running clothes with pockets, and it can get tossed in the wash every once in a while once it is stinky enough. I show and tell all my running and nonrunning friends alike how much I love it!

Yael - I love the flipbelt because it's a practical solution instead of an arm band that pinches and slides off. It can carry all the stuff I need to go out for a run without any dangle. I look forward to trying the new version with zippers.

Andrea - I love my FlipBelt! I recommend it to everyone.

Iris - I love my pink Flipbelt! One of my best running belts ever owned. And Runner's Roost rocks!

Ted - The Flipblet is great! It doesn't bounce around on the waist and it's very easy to use. I would highly recommend it to others.

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